PowerPoint Presentation Designers Reveal How to Supercharge Meetings Through Interest, Engagement and Clarity

At our March luncheon meeting, Marshall Makstein – founder and partner of eSlide, a team of PowerPoint presentation designers in New York City – revealed an important truth:

 “Getting the attention of meeting participants in today’s fast-paced business environment requires speakers to provide facts quickly and in an interesting and easily understandable way, not as a cascade of mind-dulling and complicated slides.”

In his presentation, “Meeting with God—Is PowerPoint the Most Effective Strategy?” Mr. Makstein emphasized that business leaders are short on time and patience. He reminded us that people are routinely distracted in meetings by messages pinging almost endlessly into smartphones, tablets and laptops. “This requires speakers to devote more effort than ever into planning and presenting slides in an informative and attention-sustaining way,” he said.

According to Makstein, “Good PowerPoint presentation design can help achieve meeting communication excellence when the speaker has carefully thought out and designed ways to underscore key messages, rather than obscuring them with unnecessary material.” Makstein and his eSlide team advise that we make our presentations engaging and interesting. “Don’t just offer another PowerPoint slideshow full of irrelevant text and data that leads to complications and distractions.”

The following resources were mentioned during the meeting:

http://eslide.com/powerpoint-presentation-videos/  (our training video links)

Online meeting tools:

Online presentation sharing apps:

Best ipad app for playing PowerPoint on an iPad:

Alternatives to PowerPoint

Ann Middleman, principal of ADM Marketing & Research, and president of IABC-LI, added, “the slide show must clearly demonstrate to the attendees how they can use the information to change the  business calculus, use the data, sell the product or service, and grow the bottom line. Fluff has no place in a successful presentation.”

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