Webinar: Google+ Walkthrough: Insider Tips That Work

What is it that you can not not do?
You can now stop compromising, looking for the next best thing to make you money, and actually profit (very well, might I add) from your passion and content.
Google’s move to Semantic Search and to a more personalized web allows your audience to find you and pay you for your solutions. You don’t even need a website for it.

Welcome to Google+.
In this Hangout, Yifat Cohen discusses the areas of Google+ that allow you to turn your passion into a real income.

Yifat begins by explaining what Google+ is, and what it isn’t. She then touches on how the web has changed and the disappearance of Page one on Google that has been replaced with Google Now and valuable content – your content.

Yifat discusses how engagement on Google+, with the right audience, can rank you higher on Search, build your authority and how you can use Hangouts to deepen those relationships into paying clients and raving fans.

With the launch of Helpouts, Yifat demonstrates how you can charge for your services without having a merchant account, a website or an eCommerce engine.

Finally, Yifat touches on the future of TV and the significance of building your audience now (she mentions the 6-12 months window you have to capture your market online). She encourages you to master Hangouts and use them to build real relationships that will allow you to monetize your passion.

She finishes with the words of Gary Vaynerchuk – What do you want to be doing every day for the rest of your life? Do that!

As resources to move you forward in turning you into the author of your content and helping you become The Influencer, Yifat recommends taking Hangout Heroes which, together with her bonus, allow you to build your audience, your followers and get started with Hangouts.

You can access it here – www.gplusgotogal.com/hangout-heroes/

Yifat offers group and private coaching as well as in-depth programs to master Google+, YouTube, Communities, Hangouts, Google+Local and relationship-management.

You can contact Yifat personally on Google+, or send her an email through her website: www.gplusgotogal.com

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