Event Recap: Navigating the Legal Pitfalls of Social Media

If you missed our Oct. 16th Event, Navigating the Legal Pitfalls of Social Media, the IABC-LI Board of Directors wanted to bring some highlights to you.

Christine Ippolito, SPHR, Terese Arenth, Esq., and Wendy Goldstein, MPA, are masters of their craft and provided attendees and guests with information to arm them in the ever-changing world of social media.


“72% of adults 18 years of age or older participate in social media according to the Pew Research Center. Businesses should be aware that their employees, customers and potential customers are on social media. All businesses should have policies in place to leverage the power of social media and protect their reputation in their online presence,” ¬ Christine Ippolito, SPHR, Founding Principal of Compass Workforce Solutions, LLC.

Click here to download Christine Ippolito’s presentation.

“Using social media platforms, advertisers can now connect with consumers on a real-time basis and promote their products through more innovative, interactive sweepstakes and contests. Advertisers must be cautious, however, and bear in mind that online advertising is subject to the same state and federal laws and regulations that apply to traditional media and promotions, in addition to any terms and conditions or promotion guidelines that the social media platform may have,” – Terese Arenth, Esq., Partner at Moritt, Hock & Hamroff.

Click here to download Terese Arenth’s presentation.
Click here to download Terese Arenth’s handout.

“The creation of a social media policy for your company or organization can be a daunting goal, but it is essential today that businesses have such a policy in place to guide employees in appropriate professional behavior in the online world, and there are many terrific resources available to people preparing to draft such policies,” – Wendy L. Goldstein, MPA, of WLG Communication.

Click here to download Wendy Goldstein’s presentation.

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