Sponsor Spotlight: Meet LearningRX

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” — A. Einstein

What if there were a little bit of Einstein in all of us? Even better, wouldn’t you like to know how to unlock that Einstein in your child—that bit of genius and intelligence that you know is hidden away? Too often, the expression of great intelligence, ability, and potential is simply locked up behind an unseen learning barrier. You know there is something brilliant inside your child…you just don’t see it work its way into everyday performance. The answer is to completely remove the barriers to successful learning.

At LearningRx we help kids and adults who feel held back in school, work or life, especially in areas such as reading, remembering, paying attention, thinking quickly, solving problems and more.  We help by improving—often dramatically—the brain’s ability to register, process, remember and use incoming information.

Our programs find and fix the weak cognitive skills that are the cause of most struggles with memory, reading, learning and more. In fact, our clients report life changing improvements in the way their brains perform in every area of life.

Our clients include:
• Struggling students
• Career adults who want to perform better on the job
• Special needs children and adults
• Successful students competing for scholarships or college placement
• Professional and weekend athletes looking to think faster on their feet
• Senior adults who want strong mental skills as they age
• Victims of strokes or traumatic brain injuries

If you or someone you love is serious about improving how the brain thinks, learns, reads, remembers, reasons and even pays attention, we can help.

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