Sponsor Spotlight: Meet Sterling National Bank

Managing a successful business in today’s competitive environment can be tough. When you own a business your choice of banks is a vital decision that needs careful deliberation. Fundamentally your bank should be more than just a place to store your finances; it should make your business operations easier and your financial situation simpler to manage. In addition, your bank should be able to offer essential information, guidance and advice on all manner of business problems.

Successfully owning and operating a business in today’s marketplace hinges on being able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. And key to being able to take advantage of such opportunities is the ability to move quickly. With more than a three decades of experience the support of a financial intuition, I am fully committed to meeting the financial needs of businesses, I am ready, willing and able to lend to qualified borrowers.

There are those who claim that their banks’ strength is tied to the fact that the people handling your accounts are career bankers. You can rely on the fact that the strength of our team comes from our experience as career business people who understand banking. And, as such, we can provide a unique and effective perspective on ways to truly create a relationship that will allow you to take advantage of the resources of a financial institution.

Bottom line is that you need a good banker and, not just any banker. You need a banker that understands business, and is willing to explore and create opportunities for you and your business. You need a banker that is able to grasp the big picture, a banker that will listen and work hard to find a way to do business with you, as opposed to getting hung up on the potential reasons not to.

Should you believe as I do that your banker should be vested in your success then let’s talk.

Steven M. Krauser
SVP, Managing Director Commercial Banking
290 Broad Hollow Road, Suite 300E, Melville, NY 11747
631-465-0322 DIRECT
631-465-0330 FAX
516-446-4144 CELL

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