Event Recap: Simple Strategies For Successful Event Marketing

If you missed our March 19th Event, “Simple Strategies For Successful Event Marketing”, sponsored by Hofstra University Continuing Education, the IABC-LI wanted to bring some highlights to you.

All photos in this blog post were taken by Pat Dillon Photography.

Laurie Krotman, Co-President of Special Events Unlimited, Inc., offered this advice during her discussion:

Events are the epitome of “people giving to people” and present your greatest opportunity to cast a wide net, talent-scouting for supporters.  It’s about creating an ad hoc community who then becomes your sales force.

Once you’ve got your team assembled, give them timely updates and hold a few, focused, short and enticing meetings.  And remember to consider the R.O.I. when approaching potential participants.  People sign up and donate to events for many reasons and it is your job to figure out what they want to secure them as long-term supporters.

For more information on Laurie’s thoughts about event strategies, call 212-244-7345 or email lkrotman@specialeventsunlimited.com, web www.specialeventsunlimited.com.

Follow this link to download Laurie’s Key Event Elements Time line Abbreviated in PDF format.

Ellen Williams, Constant Contact Regional Development Director of NY and CT, offered this advice during her presentation:

When you run an event you want to provide an optimal online registration experience. Utilizing an online event registration tool helps with all these checklist items. You can setup the event registration far in advance of the event, and then strategize on the marketing campaign that will revolve around it. From social media, to email, to print invitations, it’s important to get the word out in plenty of time, and multiple avenues. You want to encourage attendees to share information about the event, before, during, and after to help create a buzz and attract more attention to your event.

Once the event is over, online event registration data will make follow-up simple, extending the ever important “Thank you for coming” and equally valuable “please give us your feedback.”

For more information on Ellen’s thoughts about events email ewilliams@constantcontact.com or for a free trial of Constant Contact’s EventSpot please visit this page.

Follow this link to download Ellen’s PowerPoint presentation in PDF format.

Jerry Allocca, Founder and CEO of CORE Interactive Marketing, offered this advice during his presentation:

You can’t improve what you don’t test.  Know your key performance indicators and metrics before you get started. Then use the proper analytic tools to test and measure.

A number of event marketing strategies were discussed specific to:

  • Google Search and Display Advertising
  • Facebook Pages and Event Marketing
  • LinkedIn Secrets and Advertising Options

For more information on Jerry’s thoughts about event marketing strategies, call 888.908.CORE(2673) ext.111 or email Jerry@CORE.bz, web CORE.bz

Follow this link to download Jerry’s PowerPoint presentation in PDF format.

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Special thanks to our generous sponsor Hofstra University Continuing Education.

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