Member Spotlight: Julie Altebrando


From the time she was a child, Julie Altebrando had two great loves…science and writing.

Fueled in part by the death of her father from lung cancer, Julie found her career path: become a researcher.

“At that time, I was determined to dedicate my life to cancer research.”

Julie took a fast-track program that would lead to a degree in biological technology. This way she would be able to work in the field while studying for an advanced degree.

Ultimately, Julie found herself working as a lab research assistant. This was exactly what she had hoped would happen, except for a life-changing alteration in her philosophy.

“I found myself killing animals every day and I went home distressed every day. I knew how important this type of research was, but I did not have the courage to carry on.”

Julie continued taking biology and writing classes, and managed to combine to her two loves.

“Throughout my career I wrote and edited everything from Advanced Physics to Zoology. I was blessed to be able to combine the two most important aspects of my dream career. I still sometimes wonder what it would’ve been like had I followed my original dream. But the dreams of a child, might not necessarily be the accomplishments of an adult.”

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