Event Recap: Personal Branding Delivered by A Jeopardy!® Winner, A Newlywed and A Style Icon

by Laney Liner

Ann Middleman, aka A Jeopardy!® Winner, Andrea Donlon, aka A Newlywed and Carol Davidson, aka A Style Icon delivered key information to add to the personal branding tool kit of members and guests of the IABC Long Island Chapter at Verona Ristorante in Farmingdale, NY on April 15, 2015.

Ann opened the meeting with an overview of the personal branding category and provided visual examples of how individuals in the “spotlight” today portray their personal brand, such as President Barack Obama and recording artist, Lady Gaga.  She also emphasized how important it is to find your “bliss” in your career, as it will inform your personal brand.

The Constant Professional founder, Andrea Donlon, focused on the importance of being aware of your digital reputation and how it precedes you.  Managing your online profiles, ensuring continuity in your brand’s message and establishing a clear delineation between your social life and professional image were stressed.  Rather than simply performing a cursory search for your name, TCP suggested regularly looking up your images and social media handles on a number of different search engines, especially when you are seeking a new position or are looking to progress in your field.  You are your brand and managing your reputation is essential.

Carol educated us about how colors have meaning ­– dark colors are deemed more professional and lighter colors show that someone is approachable.  (Carol shares more about the meanings of color with Fast Company: http://bit.ly/1tXaOhW.)  She added that your clothing speaks volumes about how you perceive yourself and the image you present to the world.  Do you want to be perceived as a serious professional?  Dress for it.  Carol is one of only 25 Certified Image Professionals in the NY area who helps professionals learn the best way to use clothing to properly communicate their personal brand.

The overall theme of the day was awareness.  The more you focus on what you want others to remember about you– from how you speak, to your attire, to what you put on social media–the better you will be able to effectively communicate who you are and what you care about. This can help people determine whether or not they want to work with you or hire you.

A warm thank you goes out to each of our speakers on Personal Branding:

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