Event Recap: What Does Your Voice Say About You?


By Marla Seiden

Did you know that 38% of how your message is communicated is through your voice?

If you want to display executive presence and succeed in business, you need to harness the power of your voice to show that you’re a strong leader.

Your vocal quality also reveals a lot about yourself. This can include confidence, knowledge, intelligence, trustworthiness, warmth, professionalism and more. Based on your voice, you can engage or disengage the listener.

The good news is you can change the sound of your voice. It takes awareness, knowledge of the right techniques and practice. Think about whether you sound monotone, speak too soft or too loud, too slow or too fast, squeaky, nasal, or go up in pitch at the end of a sentence even when you’re not asking a question.

For example, are you varying the pitch (low and high), pace, volume and tone (emotion)? A simple thing like how you say your name makes a difference. For example, your voice should go up slightly in pitch after you say your first name and then lower the pitch, but not the volume, when you say your last name so the first and last names are clearly separated. Be sure to pause very briefly after saying your first name.

To practice vocal variety, read aloud and tape yourself. Children’s stories are excellent to use as well as poems, articles and your own presentation.

Most important, when presenting to one person or to a group, it’s critical to use diaphragmatic breathing, aka belly breathing, so you have enough air to speak with power and energy. After inhaling, be sure to exhale slowly while you speak. Combine the head and chest voice when speaking. It may sound easy, but it can be challenging to learn the technique.

People may forget what you say, but will remember how you made them feel through the palette and musical quality of your voice. If the person or group you’re speaking to feels positively toward you, it can lead to winning trust and business.

To receive my “Top 10 Tips for an Engaging Voice” and/or a complimentary consultation to help you present more effectively, contact me at: 516-437-6199 or email at seicom@optonline.net.

Marla Seiden


Seiden Communications Inc. (speaking skills training and coaching)

New Hyde Park, NY

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