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Leverage Your Email Marketing!

On March 16, 2016 Amir Chitayat from OpenMoves Inc., an email marketing and search marketing technology firm on Long Island, spoke to members and guests of the Long Island International Association of Business Communicators. The topic: the emergence of email marketing automation as a crucial tool in growing your business.

Among the more salient points covered were:

Grow your lists. List churn is a natural evolutionary process and your list will shrink continuously as people move jobs and lose interest in your brand for whatever reason. So be diligent in using multiple channels to continuously grow your list. Consider pop-up signup forms to gain new subscribers.

Design for Mobile. Do you know that reading email remains the #1 activity on smartphones? Given the continuous increase in mobile readership it’s imperative that your readers will have a great experience reading your newsletter on their smartphones without the need to continuously pinch in all directions as this reflects poorly on your brand and email results. Make a small effort and convert your old email templates to a mobile-friendly responsive design and you’ll see your engagement and conversions increase!

Automation While You Sleep. Yes, you’ll need to spend a bit of time thinking it through but automated email campaigns will generate opens, site visits, leads, and sales while you sleep!  Your time is better spent creating a few automated drip marketing campaigns such as welcome campaigns, lead nurturing campaigns, or cart abandonment, then scheduling your next email broadcast. So raise the bar! Plan 1-2 new automation projects and either do it yourself or ask your email provider to create them for you.

Don’t Batch and Blast. Today’s technology enables easy segmentation of recipients based on demographics and status (location, client vs prospect), and behavior (opens, clicks, visits, purchase history, etc.). Then you can deliver targeted messaging within the same campaign using dynamic content and automation. Make one of your goals to move from a single newsletter to segmented and personalized campaigns.

Don’t Get Stuck on Campaign Percentages. Yes, open rates and click-through rates are important and easy to understand but don’t get stuck on these campaign-level statistics. These KPIs can be misleading when looking at the individual campaign and not at the subscriber behavior over time. For example, is it better to send a monthly email with a 20% open rate (10,000 people) or a weekly email with a 10% open rate (20,000 people)? The bottom line that counts is what kind of final numerical results we get for our efforts. We want to see more people open our emails, click to our web site, and engage on our site by buying or downloading a white paper.

Click here to view the full presentation.

If you need help with your email marketing feel free to take our powerful platform for a free 30 day test drive or ask OpenMoves to audit your current campaigns.

-Amir Chitayat, OpenMoves.

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