Event Recap: Emerging Trends in Modern Marketing

emerging trends in marketingThe day after America chose a new president, some of the region’s most accomplished marketing and social media professionals met to discuss the future. While this particularly synchronous event examined the future of marketing, it also served as a reminder of how quickly things can change and how we must be aware of—and prepare for—these changes.

The Social Media Association (SMA), Public Relations Professionals of Long Island (PRPLI), Long Island Visual Professionals (LIVP), International Association of Business Communicators, Long Island Chapter (IABC-LI) and Direct Marketing Association of Long Island (DMALI) convened for a panel discussion followed by a keynote presentation from media guru Ramon Ray.  “Techniques and Technologies: Emerging Trends in Modern Marketing,” examined the upcoming challenges the businesses will face and how we can take these challenges and make them work to our benefit.

After breakfast and mingling, panelists Betty Ana Giossi, Debbi Honorof, Paul Lipsky, Domenick Graziani, and Andy Jacobs, led by moderator Beth Granger, discussed changing technologies, including some futuristic ideas once thought as crazy in sci-fi novels and movies. The panelists discussed virtual reality concepts, showing just how much our world is changing. To best market your company in this fast-paced and dynamic climate, it is vital to be ahead of the marketing curve because as the panelists discussed, once everyone’s doing it, it’s too late. At that point, people are already looking to take current technology to the next level.

After the panel discussion, Ramon Ray, featured speaker and Small Business Evangelist, gave an energetic, informative, and entertaining presentation. Ray has been on television and radio, called to testify before Congress, quoted in many prominent print media outlets, and has worked on projects for the White House. The journalist, writer, media pundit, producer, and publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine spoke largely about the importance of self-branding for small business growth.

fivetowns_2There’s no question that Ray has successfully promoted his name and brand as an expert in small business recognition. While starting and selling several businesses, Ray utilizes the very emerging technology trends of which he spoke. In building his brand and his businesses, Ray has used social media to convey his message. With more than 24,000 followers on Twitter, he has successfully communicated his persona to his audience

The energizing speaker engaged the crowd throughout the presentation, interacting with the audience and gathering input on his topics. Ray discussed how quickly attention is gained and lost among consumers and how important it is to keep your listeners interested. New technologies can do just that. Innovative gadgets and marketing campaigns that go against the status quo stand out as original and capture a new audience for a longer period.

Not only America, but the entire world is rapidly changing every day—the results of this election prove that. Being able to stay abreast of those changes is half the battle, and we as marketers and business owners must be ahead of the game.


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