Meet the Judges of our 2015 Awards Program

Our sincerest appreciation goes out to this year’s panel of judges. We’re very grateful to have such a wide range of marketing professionals apply their knowledge and expertise in selecting the winners. We thank each and every one of them for their time spent for our benefit.

What an honor to have such a talented and generous group of judges. Allow us to introduce them to you!

David Chauvin

David Chauvin brings to Zimmerman/Edelson Inc. over 16 years of corporate, government and political communications experience, including an extensive background in crisis management. Overseeing public relations services, he is responsible for running the day-to-day operations for the firm’s public relations division, which provides services to clients throughout Long Island, New York City, and the tri-state area. Prior to joining Zimmerman/Edelson, Inc., David served as communications director for the Town of North Hempstead, deputy press secretary for the Nassau County Executive’s office, and executive director for the Nassau County Democratic Party. Additionally, he has held positions in the Nassau County Legislature as a legislative aide and policy adviser. For more information visit:

Christine Cesaria

After years in the corporate sector, Christine joined academia when she accepted a position as the Director of Communications and Grants for the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University. In addition to assisting faculty with proposals to such agencies as the National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health, she creates all of the content for the department website and leads their social media efforts. As an added bonus, Christine develops university reports addressing the department’s strategic mission and responds to NYS research initiatives. Technical Communications Instructor and Internal Review Board (IRB) Coordinator are the most recent hats that she is wearing for the computer science department. For more information visit:

Jeanne Fontana

After nearly three decades running one of the region’s largest advertising and media agencies, Fontana founded Synergy3, her consulting business, where Fontana and her team focus on marketing, media, business development, and branding. She currently runs her company and is acting CMO for several of her clients, where she works hand in hand with entrepreneurs to meet overall business development goals. Fontana has received over one hundred of awards in marketing, advertising and economic development. She was one of three women ever to receive “most influential” women in Long Island two times in the award’s history. She has received additional recognition for her pro bono work for her region and her sixteen-year stint hosting Long Island’s largest syndicated radio show, Public Matters. For more information visit:

Tina Panos

Founded by Tina Atlas Panos in 1980, Panos Graphic Services, Inc. has become one of Long Island’s leading independent design studios for print and electronic media. Under Tina’s leadership, the firm has built mutually beneficial relationships with the corporations, non-profit organizations, and agencies whom it serves—and with the many production and creative vendors, such as printers, writers, and photographers, with whom it partners. Those relationships generate satisfaction, value, and trust—project after project, year after year. For more information visit:

Ellen Williams

Ellen Williams has over 20 years of technology and marketing experience. She has presented to over 20,000 small businesses, nonprofits, and associations with advice on best practices on marketing and business development. In addition to her public speaking, Ellen has contributed business and technology articles to many national publications including Crain’s New York Small Business, The New York Enterprise Report, Working Woman, Worth, and Success. For more information visit:

Sheila Ziegler, Awards Committee Chair

Sheila Ziegler has worked in the print industry for several decades collaborating with her clients, designing and providing their commercial print, branded creative marketing tools, corporate apparel and awards. Companies of all sizes throughout the nation rely on Safeguard Bradley Marketing Group to create, manufacture, store, fulfill and distribute their logoed promotional materials. For more information visit:

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Event Recap: Personal Branding Delivered by A Jeopardy!® Winner, A Newlywed and A Style Icon

by Laney Liner

Ann Middleman, aka A Jeopardy!® Winner, Andrea Donlon, aka A Newlywed and Carol Davidson, aka A Style Icon delivered key information to add to the personal branding tool kit of members and guests of the IABC Long Island Chapter at Verona Ristorante in Farmingdale, NY on April 15, 2015.

Ann opened the meeting with an overview of the personal branding category and provided visual examples of how individuals in the “spotlight” today portray their personal brand, such as President Barack Obama and recording artist, Lady Gaga.  She also emphasized how important it is to find your “bliss” in your career, as it will inform your personal brand.

The Constant Professional founder, Andrea Donlon, focused on the importance of being aware of your digital reputation and how it precedes you.  Managing your online profiles, ensuring continuity in your brand’s message and establishing a clear delineation between your social life and professional image were stressed.  Rather than simply performing a cursory search for your name, TCP suggested regularly looking up your images and social media handles on a number of different search engines, especially when you are seeking a new position or are looking to progress in your field.  You are your brand and managing your reputation is essential.

Carol educated us about how colors have meaning ­– dark colors are deemed more professional and lighter colors show that someone is approachable.  (Carol shares more about the meanings of color with Fast Company:  She added that your clothing speaks volumes about how you perceive yourself and the image you present to the world.  Do you want to be perceived as a serious professional?  Dress for it.  Carol is one of only 25 Certified Image Professionals in the NY area who helps professionals learn the best way to use clothing to properly communicate their personal brand.

The overall theme of the day was awareness.  The more you focus on what you want others to remember about you– from how you speak, to your attire, to what you put on social media–the better you will be able to effectively communicate who you are and what you care about. This can help people determine whether or not they want to work with you or hire you.

A warm thank you goes out to each of our speakers on Personal Branding:

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Member Spotlight: Julie Altebrando


From the time she was a child, Julie Altebrando had two great loves…science and writing.

Fueled in part by the death of her father from lung cancer, Julie found her career path: become a researcher.

“At that time, I was determined to dedicate my life to cancer research.”

Julie took a fast-track program that would lead to a degree in biological technology. This way she would be able to work in the field while studying for an advanced degree.

Ultimately, Julie found herself working as a lab research assistant. This was exactly what she had hoped would happen, except for a life-changing alteration in her philosophy.

“I found myself killing animals every day and I went home distressed every day. I knew how important this type of research was, but I did not have the courage to carry on.”

Julie continued taking biology and writing classes, and managed to combine to her two loves.

“Throughout my career I wrote and edited everything from Advanced Physics to Zoology. I was blessed to be able to combine the two most important aspects of my dream career. I still sometimes wonder what it would’ve been like had I followed my original dream. But the dreams of a child, might not necessarily be the accomplishments of an adult.”

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Event Recap: A Night At The (Art) Museum

IMG_4578A wine and cheese reception in an art museum. It sounds nice, doesn’t it? Networking with professionals with interests and challenges similar to your own. It was a great idea and a very successful event, attracting IABC-LI members new and old and a few guests, too. But in addition to being a productive and enjoyable evening for IABC members, the event was remarkable public awareness-raiser for the Art League of Long Island. It was striking how many attendees’ eyes opened wide at the stunning exhibit of watercolors and oil paintings, and even more so during a tour of the studios and classrooms. It was beyond ‘nice.’ It was a true testament to the power of a genuine, in-person, interesting event.

IMG_4567Art is a form of communication. Communication is a form of art. It was a perfect pair. And the enthusiasm in the air was a terrific demonstration of the power of experiential marketing.  Men and women in this business communicators group followed Executive Director Charlee Miller and Chief Preparator Zachiah Krugman attentively from one studio to the next, lingering among the smells of paint and clay, asking questions and reminiscing about their own experiences in the arts. In the pottery room, there were large stations for throwing and rolling and spinning on the potters’ wheels. In the sculpture studio, electric air compressors sat below a bench with large stone forms, ready to power the mini-jack hammers and power chisels used to sculpt the amorphous forms into works of art, one chip at a time. In a painting studio, an artist/instructor talked about laying canvas on the floor and encouraging students to throw brightly colored paint, Jackson Pollock style.

IMG_4573In the gallery, while guests sipped wine and nibbled on cheese and crackers and crudité, another artist/instructor described allaying students’ fears of watercolors. And in the jewelry-making studio, custom wooden workstations with many little drawers for beads and baubles elicited questions about class schedules.

IABC-LI extends a hearty thank you to the Art League of Long Island for a truly compelling event and many members look forward to seeing one another at classes and events at the Art League in the coming months!


IMG_4576 IMG_4574 IMG_4570 IMG_4571 IMG_4566


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IABC-LI: It’s been a great year, and there’s so much more in store!

It’s hard to believe that I’m approaching my one year anniversary as the president of the IABC-LI.  As the old adage goes, time flies when you’re having fun!

It has been truly an honor working with fellow members this year and contributing to the success of this incredible organization.

The Year in Review
Over the course of the last 12 months, our focus has been on making improvements that offer significant value to IABC-LI members. These improvements included rolling back prices on event registration fees, and increasing the value of sponsorships while maintaining the same sponsorship fees.  We also added some great new programming and a blog with increased focus on growing our social media channels. For those who are not able to attend events, our event recaps and the ability to download speaker presentations have been particularly well-received.

What’s in store for the coming months? Lots!

On June 11th, we’ll be celebrating the achievements of our top business communicators at the annual IABC-LI Achievement Awards. This lunchtime event is a favorite of members and a great time to acknowledge the hard work of our honorees and their commitment to communications, innovation, and community service.  We are thrilled to have Dan Kim, founder of Red Mango all natural frozen yogurt and smoothie franchise, as the keynote speaker of the event which will be held at the Fox Hollow in Woodbury. Limited seating available, so we encourage you to register today!

The summer fun continues with a brand new event that we’re very excited about! On August 13th, we’ll be co-hosting the Networking Event of the Year at Carlyle at the Palace. This is gearing up to be a BIG networking opportunity where business leaders from across Long Island, and beyond will be able to exchange ideas, strategies, and insider tips. The event will include hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, and a raffle where you’ll have the chance to win an iPad Mini and many other prizes. Money raised from the raffle will be donated to participating charities. If you want to help your business while helping others, you won’t want to miss this event! To guarantee your spot, sign up now.

How Can We Continue to Improve?
I hope that the lower price initiative, coupled with our focus on programming and valuable content, have been beneficial to you as a member of IABC-LI. Do you have suggestions or strategies to offer even more value to members? Please take this quick IABC-LI survey and let us know how we can keep increasing the value of membership and our events, and tell us how YOU can get more out of your IABC experience.

As always, I welcome and encourage your ideas. Please feel free to email me at anytime.

Spotlight on…
Thank you to those who have reached out about being featured in an IABC-LI Member Spotlight. Here are a few of our latest.

Want to share your story? Contact me directly so that we can get your spotlight published.

NEW! Guest Blog Posts
Since our member spotlights continue to be so successful, we are now accepting guest blog posts. Members can now post content on our blog to share via all our social channels.

Take advantage of a guest blog post today! Want to write something for our blog, and have all credit and links going back to you and your website? Contact me for details.

Finally, a BIG Thank You…
The IABC-LI would not be what it is today without the tremendous help of our board and committee members who enthusiastically contribute their time and talent. I would be remiss if I didn’t personally thank each and every one. We are extremely fortunate to have such a talented, committed group of professionals who are enabling our group to provide value to our members and to carry on the IABC message.

A warm thank you to the following board and committee members:

  • Ann Middleman, Vice President and Treasurer
  • Art Samansky, Secretary
  • Kathleen O’Neill, Membership
  • Cyndi Leventhal, Programming
  • Laney Liner, Communications
  • Steven Seligson, Membership Committee
  • Sheila Ziegler, Awards Committee
  • Jeff Levy, Programming Committee
  • Wendy Goldstein, Membership Committee

Drop Me a Line…
As always, I welcome your feedback on the direction of our organization and to share ideas on ways that you think we can improve. Please don’t hesitate to email me at

Thank you for your continued support. Hope to see you soon,

All the Best!


Almost Forgot…
Know someone who might be interested in joining IABC-LI? Invite them as a guest to an upcoming meeting or event!


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Event Recap: The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence in Communications

If you missed our May 14th Event, “The Psychology of Persuasion and Influence in Communications”, sponsored by St. Josephs College, the IABC-LI wanted to bring some highlights to you.

All photos in this blog post were taken by Pat Dillon Photography.

Dr. Dan focused on the power and impact of looking carefully at MISTAKES. How costly it can be when you only have one shot, and how much emphasis is necessary on preparation.

He showed us how to identify and manage work-related stress and drive toward an enjoyable work life balance.

Here are a couple of key takeaways from his talk:

  • Like it or not….you are always communicating……be careful of your message
  • 6% are words  94% is everything else that sends a message…..proceed with caution
  • It Is The Responsibility Of The Communicator That The Message Be Received…so the pressure is on the PLANNING
  • Last but not least… OFTEN have only ONE CHANCE TO DO IT RIGHT.

Donna Drake, host of “Live It Up TV!”, interviewed people after the meeting.


Attendees had a great time while being inspired to learn more about persuasion and influence in communications.

For more information on psychologically designed strategic planning email Dr. Dan at or call/text 917-880-6758.  You’ll know in 5 minutes how he can help you. Or download his free content by clicking the links below.


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How IABC Helped Me Land a Job…and a Husband!

Kathleen O'Neill -- IABCIt was Fall 2008, and I needed a change. I was living in Cincinnati, Ohio, working as a marketing manager for a financial services company. I had been there five years, and I was feeling restless.

As a member of my local chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators, I frequently checked the IABC job board for career opportunities. This section of the site is a great resource because you can post your resume for employers to view, as well as search current openings, filtering by location, key words and job type.

A bonus for IABC members is that new jobs posted fewer than seven days are available exclusively to members. After that period, these jobs become available to everyone. You can also sign up to receive e-mail alerts when new jobs are posted. I’ve even utilized the site to post open positions when I was in hiring mode at several past employers.

If you have never checked out the IABC job board, or if you haven’t visited it in awhile, you should.

I am a graduate of Bowling Green State University in Northwest Ohio (Go Falcons!), with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism/Public Relations. In 2008, my areas of expertise included insurance, annuities and higher education-related receivables. Any mid-level position in corporate communications, marketing or event planning was on my target list.

But where? In Cincinnati, definitely! But I was also leaning toward cities in which I had friends and family. Places like other Ohio cities – check. Chicago – check. Florida – check. New York – double check!

You see, I was in the midst of a burgeoning long-distance relationship with a man I had met several months earlier. He lived in Flushing, New York, and was visiting Cincinnati for the weekend with a group of friends to take in the Mets play the Reds. (That’s a story for another time.)

By this date, he had already visited me several times in Cincinnati. The relationship was new, but I wanted to see where it might lead us.

While I checked out the IABC job board, I noticed a job posting for a marketing communications manager for an insurance company in Lower Manhattan. I thought, why not? I have years of marketing and communications experience in the insurance world.

So I sent my resume off, not really anticipating a response as I lived out of state, and the position did not offer relocation expenses, as mentioned in the job posting on IABC’s site.

It turned out fate was playing her hand. I received a phone call from the insurance company’s human resources recruiter. He left me a message.

Guess what? I did not return his call.

I was not certain I wanted to pursue the job opportunity. After all, this was crazy! Me? A Midwest girl moving from Ohio to New York? Could I do it? Where would I live? Could I make new friends and contacts easily? How about a support system?

Fortunately, while I battled my inner critic, the recruiter persevered. He phoned again, and this time I returned his call. After a pre-screening telephone call and his conferring with the hiring manager, we arranged an in-person interview.

As it turns out, I also was in the process of arranging my first visit to New York to spend a weekend with my new boyfriend.

That same day that I interviewed with the insurance company, I nabbed an interview with another firm in Midtown. I don’t recall if that posting had been listed on the IABC job board. (If so, this would be an even better story!)

Therefore, in addition to wining and dining me on my first trip to visit him, my boyfriend would be helping me to navigate my way around Midtown and the Financial District for two job interviews.

Thankfully, the interviews went well, my visit with my “friend” was great, and I returned to Cincinnati, feeling slightly melancholy to have left it all behind.

Shortly thereafter, a phone interview took place between the insurance company’s hiring manager’s supervisor and myself. I passed.

A week later, I received a call from the company’s recruiter, requesting a third interview – he wanted me to meet with the internal client with whom I would be working should I land the job. Another great meeting!

This time, the interview took place during a single day trip, so I had no time to visit with my boyfriend. In from Cinci and out from LGA, all in the same day. That was a little sad for me, however shortly after I returned home, I was treated to an official job offer. The insurance company wanted me!

The next month was a whirlwind of activity. I notified my current employer of my resignation. I told my landlord. That may not seem like a big deal, but I was living in a second floor apartment above a flower shop. My landlord owned the flower shop (totally cool), but I was concerned she might present a problem. She was part mother figure, part landlord, part friend and part nosey neighbor. “Isn’t this a little impetuous?” she asked.

Maybe, but it felt right! I packed up my life and stored my belongings in a brother’s basement. I stuffed my little red two-door Pontiac with as many clothes and possessions as possible. I inserted my dog (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and my mother (who was co-piloting the 10-hour drive with us), and we set out for New York!

The drive was pretty uneventful. Ok, I locked myself out of my old apartment before leaving, and I had a flat tire on the way to retrieve my mother. Otherwise, I was excited to start my new life. A little apprehensive, too.

I was going to live in a one-bedroom apartment in Flushing. I was thrilled to be working in NYC. So what if I was taking the Q64 and the E train to work each day from Flushing. I had a great job opportunity and I was going to be with my new love!

As our road trip neared its end, and we began to cross over the George Washington Bridge, my cell phone rang. It was the recruiter, calling from my new place of employment. This time I answered the phone. He asked, “Are you ready for the Big Apple?”

Yes, yes, I was.

Thank you, IABC job board!


About the Author
Kathleen O’Neill, her boyfriend and her dog, are still together, currently living in Long Island, New York. The couple married in 2013. A board member of the IABC-LI chapter, Kathleen credits IABC with providing her with many professional and personal opportunities throughout the years, across multiple states. When people ask her about possible job opportunities, she always refers them to the IABC job board.

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Discovery Find: Research Report “Complex to Clear: Managing Clarity in Corporate Communication”

This week’s Discovery Find is a great resource for all corporate communicators alike. The Find is a Research Report entitled “Complex to Clear: Managing Clarity in Corporate Communication”.

Here is the description:

“This report presents the business case for clarity in corporate communication. “Complex to Clear” shows the high costs associated with unclear, complex messages and provides tools that can be used to ensure clear communication in a range of communication channels, from email and slide presentations to reports and social media. The report also discusses clarity problems and solutions through the results of surveys and case studies. The study was conducted by the =mcm institute of the University of St. Gallen in cooperation with AXA Insurance, Swisscom, Grayling and the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management.”

To access this Research Report, Click Here and login with your IABC member account credentials.

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Event Recap: Simple Strategies For Successful Event Marketing

If you missed our March 19th Event, “Simple Strategies For Successful Event Marketing”, sponsored by Hofstra University Continuing Education, the IABC-LI wanted to bring some highlights to you.

All photos in this blog post were taken by Pat Dillon Photography.

Laurie Krotman, Co-President of Special Events Unlimited, Inc., offered this advice during her discussion:

Events are the epitome of “people giving to people” and present your greatest opportunity to cast a wide net, talent-scouting for supporters.  It’s about creating an ad hoc community who then becomes your sales force.

Once you’ve got your team assembled, give them timely updates and hold a few, focused, short and enticing meetings.  And remember to consider the R.O.I. when approaching potential participants.  People sign up and donate to events for many reasons and it is your job to figure out what they want to secure them as long-term supporters.

For more information on Laurie’s thoughts about event strategies, call 212-244-7345 or email, web

Follow this link to download Laurie’s Key Event Elements Time line Abbreviated in PDF format.

Ellen Williams, Constant Contact Regional Development Director of NY and CT, offered this advice during her presentation:

When you run an event you want to provide an optimal online registration experience. Utilizing an online event registration tool helps with all these checklist items. You can setup the event registration far in advance of the event, and then strategize on the marketing campaign that will revolve around it. From social media, to email, to print invitations, it’s important to get the word out in plenty of time, and multiple avenues. You want to encourage attendees to share information about the event, before, during, and after to help create a buzz and attract more attention to your event.

Once the event is over, online event registration data will make follow-up simple, extending the ever important “Thank you for coming” and equally valuable “please give us your feedback.”

For more information on Ellen’s thoughts about events email or for a free trial of Constant Contact’s EventSpot please visit this page.

Follow this link to download Ellen’s PowerPoint presentation in PDF format.

Jerry Allocca, Founder and CEO of CORE Interactive Marketing, offered this advice during his presentation:

You can’t improve what you don’t test.  Know your key performance indicators and metrics before you get started. Then use the proper analytic tools to test and measure.

A number of event marketing strategies were discussed specific to:

  • Google Search and Display Advertising
  • Facebook Pages and Event Marketing
  • LinkedIn Secrets and Advertising Options

For more information on Jerry’s thoughts about event marketing strategies, call 888.908.CORE(2673) ext.111 or email, web

Follow this link to download Jerry’s PowerPoint presentation in PDF format.

Raffle Prizes

Special thanks to our generous sponsor Hofstra University Continuing Education.

There is a 10% discount for IABC members for all CE Social Media courses.
Please call Tamesha at 516-463-7139 to get the discount.


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Red Mango Founder Dan Kim To Be Keynoter At IABC-LI’s Annual Awards Program

Blog Post By Dan Kim

I am a father, husband, dog lover, avid photographer, design freak, foodie, tech geek and the chief concept officer and founder of Red Mango, an all-natural frozen yogurt and smoothie brand. It is with great honor to announce the opportunity I received to be the keynote speaker on June 11, 2014 for the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) Long Island Chapter Awards luncheon at the Fox Hollow, Woodbury, New York.

Red Mango has a strong presence on the Long Island. It makes perfect sense to be able to give back to the community by addressing this organization. Speaking of giving back, the theme of the IABC Long Island Chapter’s awards luncheon is Corporate Responsibility. The group reached out to me since they have witnessed my dedication when it comes to store openings, my strong interest in getting to know people in the community and my unending interest in coming up with new yogurt flavors to please our customers. It is important to me to be at each and every store opening. It helps put a face behind the brand and gives the franchise owners (some who are even first-time business owners) a confidence level that I am an active participant in the brand’s continued growth. Being present at these store openings gets people excited. Each community has its own special qualities. When I attend each opening I get to immerse myself in the community. Plus, I also am able to connect and engage with Red Mango brand enthusiasts on a personal level. They know that I am approachable and am passionate about making their experience a positive one each and every time they enter a Red Mango location. Customers ask to take photos with me. It is really rewarding that I have been able to create a healthy food experience for yogurt and smoothie lovers.

On the topic of corporate responsibility, I reached out to Samantha Goldsmith, a Red Mango franchisee (SG MANGO LLC) who owns ten Red Mango stores on Long Island to see what she does to give back and this is what she had to say: “We are close partners with a company call ACDS (Association for Children with Down Syndrome.) My stepson Christopher went to elementary school there. They help kids with needs specific to down syndrome and autism and have programs for adults with needs as well. Instead of having “tip jars” in all the stores, we have donation buckets. We write checks monthly to the organization. During grand openings or other special events we sell bracelets and magnets for the school in which 100% of what we receive for them goes directly to the school. My employees feel great that they get to help a cause and often explain to customers the benefits of the program.

Aside from ACDS, each of my locations partners with local schools and charities many times a year. We hold fundraisers and promote their causes. It’s fun to get involved with the community, and give back. We get involved with local PTAs, bake sales and even St. Baldricks.”

I am excited to be a part of the IABC’s upcoming event and hope to see you there.

Do you know a candidate or a business professional who is deserving of an award that celebrates excellence in Corporate Responsibility? Perhaps you would like to nominate yourself? If so, please visit: to download the nomination form to start the process. All submissions are due by March 31, 2014.

There are four awards available this year related to the theme of Corporate Responsibility, which can be demonstrated through consideration of the environment, community activism, or advancement of a community or societal issues other than political issues. Awards will be given for Corporate Responsibility in the four categories below:

• Communications
• Digital Communications
• Student Communications
• Community Service

You can also visit for more details about this event.

Fun facts about me: I worked as a wedding photographer and I didn’t even have prior food experience, except as a food lover. I was born in 1976 when Apple was founded and I graduated college when Google was incorporated in 1998. If you want to learn more about the Red Mango brand, visit: If you want to connect with me, visit my Facebook page at or follow me on twitter at dankimredmango.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Dan Kim

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