Discovery Find: Web Seminar “Building Your Communications Career”

This week’s Discovery Find is an excellent piece for all communications professionals. The Find is a Web Seminar entitled “Building Your Communications Career”.

Here is the description:

“Communicators are often so busy telling the story of their company, products or executives that they don’t have time to think about managing their own career.

Join Angee Linsey, Managing Director of Linsey Careers, as she provides an entertaining and practical approach to staying fresh and growing in your career as a communications leader. She’ll cover topics including:
– Building influence internally and recognizing the “wins” that keep your career moving in the right direction
– Communicating externally when you are ready to make a move to a new company or industry.
– Being conscious (deliberate) about your career goals, whether they follow a specific ladder for growth, or a winding path of diverse opportunities

Presenter: Angee Linsey, Managing Director, Linsey Careers
Angee Linsey leads Linsey Careers, a national executive search firm that specializes in recruiting communications and marketing professionals. Clients of the firm come from a wide range of industries from wine to wireless, technology, consumer products, insurance, agriculture and more. Prior to her career in search, she was an award-winning public relations and corporate communications leader in corporate, agency and military environments. She has held communications leadership roles where she has advised the most senior executives on communicating critical issues both internally and externally. Serving through retirement as a Navy Reserve Public Affairs Officer, Angee was recognized as a leader who not only provided exceptional counsel on communications issues, but also developed public affairs teams that were recognized as among the Navy’s best in the field.”

To access this Web Seminar, Click Here and login with your IABC member account credentials.

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Discovery Find: Web Seminar “Achieve Success Through Personal Branding”

This week’s Discovery Find is all about your personal brand. The Find is a Web Seminar entitled “Achieve Success Through Personal Branding”.

Here is the description:

“Students and professionals will learn how to create and maintain their personal brand. Learn why professionals need a personal brand and the steps in creating one. Enhance your knowledge and skills with the highest quality research, articles and best practices. Access professional development resources used by top communicators. Add value to your resume, connect with professionals and gain experience. Discover the hidden job market.

In this session you will learn:
-How to create a professional portfolio
-How to create a blog
-How job seekers can perfect their elevator pitch

Presented by Heather Huhman, Founder and President, Come Recommended

Heather R. Huhman is a career expert, experienced hiring manager, and founder & president of Come Recommended, a content marketing and digital PR consultancy for job search and human resources technologies. She is also the instructor of Find Me A Job: How To Score A Job Before Your Friends, author of “Lies, Damned Lies & Internships” (2011) and “#ENTRYLEVELtweet: Taking Your Career from Classroom to Cubicle” (2010), and writes career and recruiting advice for numerous outlets.”

To access this Web Seminar, Click Here and login with your IABC member account credentials.

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Sponsor Spotlight: Hofstra University Continuing Education

The world is changing. Lifelong learning matters more than ever.

Whether you’re in career or life transition, are re-entering the workforce, are a business owner or want to start a business, or are looking to stand out in your current career, it’s more important than ever to make sure your skill set is up to date!

Hofstra University Continuing Education can help!

We offer a wide variety of courses to help you stay current with advances in commerce, communications and technology. You may already have knowledge, tools and experience, but now is the time to take the right steps to expand and update your skills. Hofstra University Continuing Education can help you increase your marketability in today’s fast-paced world.

Why choose Hofstra?

All of our instructors are experienced working professionals, our classes are small and conveniently scheduled, and the beautiful Hofstra campus is conveniently located in the heart of Nassau County. Most of all, Hofstra is a vibrant, nationally recognized academic community with cutting-edge facilities and outstanding resources.

IABC Members Receive a Discount!

There is a 10% discount for IABC members for all CE Social Media courses.
Please call BettyAnn at 516-463-7139 to get the discount.

Register for Classes Today



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Discovery Find: Web Seminar “Measuring What Matters Most in Owned, Earned & Paid Media”

This week’s Discovery Find is a must-read for communications professionals. The Find is a Web Seminar entitled “Measuring What Matters Most in Owned, Earned & Paid Media”.

Here is the description:

“When communication professionals look to experts in measurement, they generally look no further than Janet Harris, an award-winning media relations specialist who has dedicated her career to research and analysis.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Janet Harris and Critical Mention’s Dane Wiseman, as they speak on how you, as a communications professional, can accurately measure your owned, earned and paid media campaigns.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Execute on tested media relations strategies, such as blogging, video storytelling, press releases, interviews and more.
  • Establish key performance metrics such as views, influence and engagement
  • Develop digests for your team and reports for stakeholder review
  • Manage expectations for on-going internal and external communication strategies


About Janet Harris and Upstream Analysis

Janet Harris is the principal at Upstream Analysis, and has served as media spokesperson for major political and corporate organizations, directed significant communications programs and provided analysis services to political candidates, non-profit organizations and corporations. Her expertise combines academic training in public opinion research and statistical analysis with 22 years of experience in communications, polling and media measurement.

About Dane Wiseman and Critical Mention

Dane Wiseman leads the marketing team at Critical Mention, a division of Critical Media, which develops end-to-end digital video solutions to capture, monetize, distribute and syndicate content online. The company’s three business units – Critical Mention, ClipSyndicate and Syndicaster – provide robust solutions for corporations, publishers and media organizations to leverage video content. Critical Media was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in New York City. For more information please visit”

To access this Web Seminar, Click Here and login with your IABC member account credentials.

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Customer Service in a Service Organization: Why don’t they “get” it?

By: Ann Middleman,  Principal,  ADM Marketing & Research Consulting,  Westbury NY and past president IABC Long Island

Most businesspeople have acknowledged, by now, the importance of customer service. While Randi Busse of Workforce Development Group could tell you more, it seems to me there are two huge benefits to providing good customer service.

  • Good customer service yields repeat business. Even when there’s a problem, people are usually forgiving when they perceive that someone is listening, and trying to make it right. They will then continue to buy that brand.
  • Happy customers are your best salespeople.  This is even more true in the age of social media and “word-of-mouth marketing” on steroids. The converse is true as well: unhappy customers are your worst nightmare.

Consequently, the return on investment in customer service is significant. As true as this is for manufacturers, or “product” companies, it is even truer for service providers. Makers and distributors of products have something tangible to sell; service providers have ONLY service. So it amazes me that so many service providers are so clueless about customer service.

I recently had three incidents with service providers that made me wonder who was running those companies, and why they seem to take a penny-wise-and-pound-foolish approach to their customers.

  • My oil burner went out when the temperature outside was 11 degrees. It took the service person 16 hours to get to us, and when he arrived, he complained to us of his long work day. I asked him why the company didn’t staff up (which seems perfectly logical to me) during the cold weather, when any child would realize there would be more service calls. He gave me some “party line” answers, and then revealed the real reason. The company is unionized. It is in their interest to keep the staff lean so they can get overtime.  And management doesn’t mind because it saves them money.
  • We went to Florida on our annual trip to visit relatives and friends, and reserved a car at Budget. Again, it was a busy season for rental cars in Florida. We arrived at the desk, paperwork in hand, only to find 5 out of 10 stations staffed. The line was long, and got longer while we waited. And then one rep left (either it was her break or her shift ended), which screamed “I really don’t care at all if you are inconvenienced.”  Finally, it was our turn. I didn’t ask the representative why the counter was so understaffed because I didn’t expect him to have an answer.  I concluded that (a) management doesn’t want to spend the money to staff up for busy times even if it turns some people off; or (b) they can’t get people to work for them because they don’t pay well or don’t treat their people well. Either way, this is short-sighted management.
  • We finally arrived at our timeshare—a Wyndham property—at the stated check-in time, but the room was not ready. Again, we waited about a half hour, as did several other people. We were given no explanation. When we got to our building, there were no available trolleys to take our things up to the room at first, but then a staff member found one for us (kudos to him!!). We loaded it up and attempted to bring it up to the room, but the elevator went out. We walked to the other end of the building to get another elevator, which turned out to be too short for the trolley. Finally, we settled in, when another couple opened our door, thinking it was theirs. We then discovered that OUR key cards no longer worked. The front desk had invalidated our keys and given the room to someone else! We went back to the check-in office and cleared it up. Once again, management is far more concerned with the short-term bottom line than with building the business, a more long-term strategy. And then they want us to come to an “owners meeting,” which is a euphemism for a sales pitch. I don’t think so.

Service businesses are labor intensive, and the margins can be slim. I’ve worked in two such businesses, and I understand the concern with margins, as they support administrative and marketing staffs, as well as facility maintenance and improvement (where applicable) and of course investor return. However, such short-sighted management often leads to deterioration of the brand, and ultimately, the company itself. A more long-term strategy tends to result in brand-building and greater demand; and therefore, larger profits. In this era of social media, when brands can be “slammed” on Facebook or Twitter in an instant, paying attention to customers and keeping them happy has never been more true.

About the Author

Ann Middleman is a marketing research professional who formed ADM Marketing in 2002 to help companies become knowledge-driven rather than assumption-driven in order to make better,  more strategic marketing and business decisions. Using well designed primary and secondary research techniques, Middleman provides data-driven analyses for clients in medium and large businesses. 

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Discovery Find: Template “Choosing a Company Name”

If you work in branding or work with startups, check out this week’s Discovery Find. The Find is a Template entitled “Choosing a Company Name”.

Here is the description:
“Recently, ABC Namebank completed a global survey of company names. A list of 5,000 major international corporations was compiled, and each corporate name was analyzed for its marketing power, realistic image, ownership of the name and a URL, and the appropriateness of its personality in four categories.”

To access this Template, visit and login with your IABC member account credentials.

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Member Resources Find: Web Seminar “Introduction to Visualization”

This Discovery/Member Resources Find is a web seminar with Alberto Cairo on infographics and visualization. Alberto Cairo teaches infographics and visualization at the University of Miami. He’s the author of The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization (Peachpit Press, 2012). In the past decade he has been a consultant and instructor with educational institutions and news organizations in more than twenty countries. He has been director of infographics at El Mundo online (Spain) and Editora Globo (Brazil) and a professor at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Here is the description:
“In a world drowned in data, infographics and visualization are becoming key skills for business communicators. In this session we will explore how to design graphs, maps, charts, and diagrams that are not only attractive, but that let readers identify patterns and trends, and get valuable insights from datasets. We will also cover the best strategies to tell stories based on displays that combine visual and textual components.

In this session you will learn how to:

1. Create more effective graphs, charts, and maps
2. Take advantage of the main rules of graphic design, type, and color
3. Create compelling storytelling pieces based on graphs, maps, and diagrams”

To access this web seminar, click here and login with your IABC member account credentials.

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Member Spotlight: Debra Scala Giokas

Debra Scala Giokas began her life as a stoop girl in Astoria, Queens until her family moved to “the country” when she was nine. In between playing stickball, riding her bike on the sidewalk, and visiting her grandparents for pasta dinners every Sunday, she discovered her love of words. She began writing poems in second grade and would send homemade cards to family and friends. Her first poetry recital in the second grade was in front of 500 people at the St. Joseph Elementary School’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. The poem: “It Ain’t Easy Being Green.”

Words continued to serve her well, and so did Long Island. She earned her Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, in English from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and her Master of Business Administration from Dowling College where she taught a course in services marketing for six years as an Adjunct Assistant Professor.

After working at 17 different part-time jobs including cashier, salesperson, waitress, bank teller, customer service representative and gym receptionist, to name a few, from the age of 17 until 21, she began her legal marketing career in 1990. She has been in her present role as Director of Marketing at Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP for the past 15 years. Certilman Balin is Long Island’s second largest law firm with 14 areas of practice and offices in both Nassau and Suffolk counties.

She has been a long-time member of IABC, has served on its board, and in 2004 was honored with the Achievement in Communications Award.

Debra’s love of words actually helped her to find love, too. In 2008, she married George Giokas, a journalist and entrepreneur. The two even enjoy editing each other’s works. George has a book forthcoming in the spring, entitled, Nickel Ice. As for Debra, she has been revisiting her first love, poetry. Her poems have appeared in the Great South Bay Magazine, Dan’s Papers, The Montauk Sun, BACCA’s “Writer’s Space,” and The Path. She is working on a collection of 50 poems on 50 places in the United States.

She manages her firm’s social media, and also has her own Twitter account. If you’re interested in matters of communication (especially literature), follow her on Twitter @debrascalag.


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Seasons Greetings – With a Twist…

I joined IABC-LI to meet great people like YOU, and my experience with the organization has been everything I expected it to be – and more. Reflecting on my first half year as IABC-LI president, I feel enormous gratitude for the honor and privilege. I sincerely look forward to our exciting future, and to our new initiatives and plans for the coming year!

Seasons Greetings – With a Twist…

The holiday season is always busy, and filled with parties and networking events galore. But if you feel like straying off the beaten path this year, you definitely won’t want to miss our next event!  We promise it will be like no other you attend this year.

A Dash of Comedy. A Touch of Magic. A Ton of Fun!

Enjoy an evening of hocus pocus PLUS comedy on Wednesday night, January 22nd.

Comedian Harry Freedman has entertained many top Fortune 1000 companies and major associations. For each act he performs, Harry does extensive research and customization for a laugh-out-loud evening you won’t soon forget!

Check out this video where the actor Ray Romano talks about Harry Freedman’s hilarious act:

Giving Back To Our Members

We want to give back to our members, so this event is FREE for IABC-LI members and just $10 for guests. Delicious nibbles and refreshments are included, with CASH BAR.

There is limited seating available so please register online even though its free, or let us know you will be there as we will close registration when we fill up all seats.

January 22, 2014
Register Now

Spotlight on… Member Spotlights!

Let’s continue to grow our reach and amplify your messages. If you haven’t yet reached out to me about being featured in an IABC-LI Member Spotlight, please do. Take a look at some examples of great spotlights, and let’s get one created for you today!

A Special Note of Heartfelt Gratitude

Without our extraordinary board members and committee members, who often go above and beyond in contributing but too often go unrecognized, let me extend sincere and heartfelt thanks from all of us at IABC-LI.

It is because of the board and our committees that we are able to do the things we do. We are blessed to have such a capable, innovative, generous group of people working with us to help us move forward, and to carry on the IABC message.

Very special thanks to:

  • Ann Middleman, Vice President and Treasurer, whose wisdom and compassion have taught me so much, and who I continue to learn from
  • Art Samansky, Secretary, whose help and advice are invaluable
  • Kathleen O’Neill, Membership, whose effort and fresh new ideas help us go above and beyond
  • Cyndi Leventhal, Sponsorship, who always comes through in the clutch
  • Laney Liner, Communications, whose innovative ideas and get-it-done-attitude are a source of admiration
  • Steven Seligson, Membership Committee, whose tireless effort and time invested are inspirational
  • Sheila Ziegler, Awards Committee, whose constant effort to make every event  great, makes every event great!
  • Jeff Levy, Programming Committee, whose ideas and wisdom go a long way
  • Wendy Goldstein, Membership Committee, whose help is appreciated more than I could ever express

Your Feedback Is Always Appreciated

IABC-LI members are special. Your thoughts and suggestions are what create the future of our organization. Please don’t hesitate to email me at Your feedback is very important, and your questions will be kept confidential.

Thanks for being part of the IABC-LI family. Hope to see you soon.

All the best!


P.S. Don’t forget to invite a guest/potential new IABC-LI member to the next meeting!

The following links on our website may be helpful to you:

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Member Spotlight: Kali Chan

1. What is your favorite thing about being a corporate communications professional?
Searching for the next big news item.

Every brand has its own story to tell. As PR/communications professionals, we get to help clients discover and tell the stories. Then, convince media that the story is worth telling. My job is to also create an agenda or strategy to find what I call reputation-defining stories. Highlight students who are having powerful Adelphi experiences and celebrate faculty and alumni accomplishments and promote their expertise. Additionally, I enjoy coordinating event photography and serving as art director for various editorial shoots and campaigns.

I’ve been able to advance Adelphi’s reputation through media placements, including in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Newsday, and New York Times, to name a few. I’ve had media placements on bullying, autism, gun violence, emergency preparedness, international crisis, food inequality, healthcare, environment, women’s issues, and the national debt and economy, etc.

2. What was your “big break?”
Early in my career, I served as the assistant to the executive director for the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce. At the forefront of many new ideas, I initiated design of a marketing brochure and guidebook, with the collaboration of two Village historians and Town of Brookhaven Economic Development representative, and was instrumental in forming new partnerships with SCORE, LIA, and The New York State Small Business Development Center. I represented the chamber at village and town meetings and reported updates to the board. This position provided a glimpse into event planning, marketing and journalism.

Prior to coming to Adelphi, I was the assistant director of communications and special events for Girl Scouts of Suffolk County, the largest youth-serving agency on Long Island. One of the best decisions (and my “big break”) that I made for myself was to accept the job. During my five year career at the nonprofit, I was responsible for public relations, marketing, special events, fundraising, graphic design, and photography. I coordinated publicity events, including activities for a memorable 3-hour event at Madison Square Garden celebrating the 90th anniversary of girl scouting. I prepared, wrote, and secured grants from corporations and all levels of government. Helped design, edit, and coordinate production of 10 agency publications and served as the main photographer for all major council events.

Next, I sought out new opportunities for a communications position to expand upon my PR skills and have the chance to work with national media. To really challenge myself.

PR is the aspect of the job that I enjoyed the most and gave me the greatest satisfaction. I joined Adelphi University in January 2005 and currently serve as director of media relations. As director, I’m charged with developing, executing, and managing university-wide media relations activities for the eight schools, centers, and programs. My job is to articulate why the institution is a place that matters.

3. Why is the IABC chapter a valued organization for you?
It’s where connections are made. IABC is an organization where you can acquire new skills, new knowledge and new insights into the industry.

4. What advice would you give a corporate communications professional just starting out?
Be open to the opportunities that come your way even if they might make you nervous or scare you. Be eager to learn about things that are not immediately within your job responsibilities. Go the extra mile. Be curious. Network and get involved in professional groups.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the media. Embrace all of the free online resources at your fingertips. From websites to blogs to tweetchats, and everything in between.

5. What is your biggest accomplishment?
At Adelphi, I treasure my opportunity to Influence and mentor young people and to encourage their interest in public relations and the communications field. I’ve mentored students and successfully supported their applications to highly competitive graduate programs, internships, or full-time employment. Adelphi has made student success a priority and I share the commitment to their personal success. I feel great pride in helping them make the transition from the classroom to a career.

6. If you could choose one person in the world to have dinner with who would it be?
Charles Osgood. I’m a fan of CBS News Sunday Morning.

7. Who was the biggest influence in your personal/professional life?
I have been lucky in life to form many meaningful personal and professional relationships. I try to surround myself with people who not only work hard but have good character, integrity, and are passionate. These are the positive traits that draw me to other people.

8. What profession would you NEVER want to do?
Accounting. Almost made the mistake. I entered college as an accounting major.

9. What is your favorite place on Long Island?
Huntington and Montauk.

10. How would you improve Long Island?
There is a dramatic need for affordable housing. Affordable housing leads to better quality of life and a stronger community. An alarming high number of young adults plan to leave Long Island. We need to recognize the importance of keeping young people in the region for the growth of our future labor force.

11. What is your guilty pleasure?
I have a real weakness for chocolate; anything sweet.

12. What is your best way to unwind/distress?
Eating dinner in a nice restaurant with my boyfriend. Try not to bring work home.

13. How do you stay organized?
Efficiency and productivity are keys for success. I have a ritual. I make a list of my worries in my Droid before I go to bed and what I’ll tackle tomorrow.

14. What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?
Volunteering. I’m active in Public Relations Professionals of Long Island and serve on the board as First Vice President. I believe it’s important to give back and serve on Girl Scouts of Nassau County’s walkathon committee. The fundraiser provides programming opportunities that focus on all areas of health, fitness, nutrition, self-esteem, and relationships for young women. I’ve also helped the University make Relay for Life, which benefits the American Cancer Society a success. The past three years, I’ve pledged to walk and donate my hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, a program that makes free wigs for women with cancer. I plan to keep donating. Hobbs Farm in Centereach which grows food and donates it to food pantries. And, Island Harvest, the largest hunger relief organization on Long Island.

15. What is the best or worst decision you have made (personally or professionally)?
I take a great deal of pride in my work and am committed to producing the highest quality work I can. Being active in professional organizations like PRPLI and IABC-LI are critical to advancing career goals, enhancing the network, broadening knowledge in the communications field; demonstrating dedication to staying in the profession, etc.

16. What are some of your “life rules?”
If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it.

Nurture and treasure your friends and family members. Kindness towards others tends to be rewarded.

17. What is your secret talent?
Finding unique, inexpensive vacation destinations. Recent trips include Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax, PA and National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, PA.

18. What book are you currently reading/last book you read?
I’m a news junkie. As PR professionals, we have to stay on top of the news and what’s important to journalists. I read many daily newspapers, tweets, and a number of publications such as Chronicle of Higher Education, Adweek and Crain’s New York.

19. Do you have a mentor? What words of wisdom did s/he share with you?
The mentors in my career have been the people that inspired me with their drive, ideas, and how they work with other individuals. For example, Lori Duggan Gold, Vice President for Communications at Adelphi. In addition to working with reporters and internal clients on positive stories, I’m also involved in addressing more sensitive issues, including ones concerning campus safety and security. Through trainings and reporting to her, I’ve learned to trust my gut and act quickly. Anything that goes wrong has the potential to become a news story.

20. What is your dream job?
A results oriented company where my ideas and my power to inspire are valued. A place with growth, lots of energy and activity, and where colleagues work closely to solve problems. Adelphi University.

About Adelphi University
Adelphi University is a world-class private institution that prepares its students for active citizenship and leadership in their professional careers. With nearly 8,000 students from 43 states and 45 foreign countries, Adelphi is committed to academic excellence and innovation. Today, more than 600 internationally recognized faculty members and 50 programs of study help to develop our students’ academic, personal and cultural growth.

Adelphi has been recognized for its academics, commitment to environmentally-friendly initiatives, community engagement—both locally and globally—and its social and cultural opportunities. For eight consecutive years, Adelphi was cited by The Fiske Guide to Colleges as one of the nation’s “best and most interesting” institutions and has been listed among a select number of “Best Buys” in higher education. Adelphi has the highest graduation rates in the Long Island region and high student satisfaction. Students get the resources and support they need to succeed; Adelphi ranks in the top 15 percent of colleges and universities nationwide for return on investment, and was named one of the best schools for health professional majors, according to A leader in academic programming for working adults for many years, students receive the personal attention to continue their progress toward a degree, advanced certification, or further learning. Health programs have been signature initiatives for the University for many decades. The Center for Health Innovation serves as a coordinating body and fosters interdisciplinary research, and facilitates symposia, panels and discussions regarding the region’s major healthcare issues such as implications of the Affordable Care Act, food inequality, and continuity in disasters. Adelphi as the “engaged” University, has deep ties with the Long Island community and earned the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement as well as a place on President Barack Obama’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll with distinction.  On-campus cultural events, ranging from timely lectures to art exhibitions and music, dance, and theater performances in the Adelphi University Performing Arts Center, attract those in the New York metro area. The successful Center for Nonprofit Leadership, notable Institute for Parenting and signature Adelphi Community Fellows Program (which prepares talented students for paid summer internships at nonprofit organizations)—all help to fulfill our mission. Named a “Cool School” by the Sierra Club and featured in The Princeton Review’s Guide to 322 Green Colleges, Adelphi University is committed to energy conservation and sustaining an environmentally-friendly campus. All housekeeping and grounds-keeping is accomplished with Green Seal-certified cleaning products and maintained organically. The 75-acre main campus in Garden City is a registered arboretum. Due to open in 2015, the campus will be enhanced by the new 99,600-square-foot Nexus Building and Welcome Center and will offer a needed home for the College of Nursing and Public Health and the Center for Health Innovation, and bring essential student services under one roof.

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