Discovery Find: Podcast “Creating effective online video”

If you have been wondering how to harness the power of online video, then tune in to this week’s Discovery Find. The Find is a Podcast from IABC/Ottawa’s The Voice entitled “Creating effective online video”.

Here is the description:
“Online video has become increasingly influential, however, many organizations have yet to take advantage of all that this medium has to offer. In this episode of IABC/Ottawa’s The Voice, Danny Starr talks with Robert Decher and Kyle Braatz about creating effective online videos, from selecting the right production company, to creating content that resonates.”

To access this Podcast, visit and login with your IABC member account credentials.

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Member Spotlight: Mary M. Feder

Mary Feder

Mary M. Feder is a senior communications executive with more than 20 years of proven experience in building successful, strategic communication programs that encompass the disciplines of investor relations, media relations, college relations and crisis communications. Mary possesses a proven ability to work in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment by adopting new tactics and techniques to complement existing resources.

She’s also been a board member of the IABC-LI and a past membership chair. Mary’s current role is Director of College Relations and Publications at Suffolk County Community College, where she oversees the image of the college by managing college-wide publications. Her career has included senior-level communications positions in industries ranging from banking to biotechnology. She was Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications at American Home Mortgage, The Roslyn Savings Bank and The Long Island Savings Bank before moving to academia. She also had a successful track-record of communicating in good times and bad in the biotechnology, reverse mortgage and cosmetics industries. She is known by her colleagues for her clear, concise written and verbal communications.

Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) is the largest community college in the State University of New York (SUNY) system, enrolling approximately 26,000 students at its three campuses in Selden, Brentwood and Riverhead. SCCC offers the Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate in Science (A.S.), and Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees, as well as a variety of certificate programs. Offering affordable college tuition, a highly respected Honors program, extensive extracurricular activities, championship athletic teams, and numerous transfer programs, SCCC is a first-choice college for Long Island students. Visit us online at

Fun facts about Mary:

Hometown: I lived in Manhattan until fifth grade attending catholic school in Greenwich Village. I took my first grade teacher home with me on the first day of school! My family moved to Flushing, Queens when I was in the fifth grade. I lived in Queens until 1999.

College: I received an MBA in Finance and a BA in Marketing – both from St. John’s University.

Random fact: I have worked with celebrities, including Robert Wagner, whom I travelled with and wrote speeches for while I was employed in the reverse mortgage industry.

First job: For many years I was a dental assistant during college. I almost became a dentist but was persuaded by my employer to get an MBA.

What is your greatest accomplishment? I have done many things I am extremely proud of in the communications arena but my two daughters are my most beautiful accomplishments.

Last book read: I am always reading at least two books at once. I am currently reading and studying the Bhagavad Gita, which is the eternal message of spiritual wisdom from ancient India.

Favorite hobby: I was, for many years, a competitive figure skater. Now I skate with my children and I practice yoga and strength training.

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Discovery Find: Podcast “Linking employee trust to the bottom line”

CEOs and communications professionals connected to CEOs, this week’s Discovery Find is for you! The Find is a Podcast from IABC’s CW Radio entitled “Linking employee trust to the bottom line”.

Here is the description:
“Communication professionals have long understood that truly engaging a company’s employees—earning their trust, enabling their best work and inspiring their loyalty—is not a luxury but a business imperative. Now there is new evidence to show your CEO that building trust and engagement through communication can boost the bottom line.

In this episode of CW Radio, Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson talks with ROI CEO Barbara Fagan-Smith about the findings of the 2013 ROI Communication Benchmark. The findings of the study suggest that an open communication culture, deeper trust and engagement from employees, and more senior leader credibility all indicate higher earnings per share (EPS) relative to companies with lower scores in these areas.”

To access this Podcast, visit and login with your IABC member account credentials.

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November is Member Month!

Did you know November is Member Month at IABC? As part of Member Month, IABC is offering two great deals for new members or renewing members:

1. The first 1,000 people who join or renew in November will receive three extra months of membership.

2. Join or re-join IABC in November and IABC will waive the $40 application fee.

For more information on Member Month, or to join or renew, visit

Wondering who is a member of the IABC Long Island Chapter?  Click here to visit our Member Directory.

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Event Recap: Five Critical Communications Tips To Tame A “Black Swan”

If you missed our Nov. 20th Event, “Five Critical Communications Tips To Tame A “Black Swan”, the IABC-LI wanted to bring some highlights to you.

Art Samansky, principal of The Samansky Group, offered these five “swan-stoppers” during his discussion:

  1. Develop a “living” crisis communications plan, built on a foundation of truth, and aligned with the acronym T.R.U.E—Tested, Reviewed, Updated and Expanded, regularly.
  2. Conduct quarterly dedicated “black swan” brainstorming sessions to ensure even the most extraordinary potential events are given serious consideration.
  3. Determine well in advance of a potential crisis the answers to several basic questions, especially, whom do you have to reach, and how will you reach them.
  4. Stay with the facts, never engage in speculation, and stay on-the-record.
  5. Designate spokespersons with specific responsibilities, and be sure they are trained to be comfortable speaking with media and can discuss issues in non-technical, easily understood language.

For more information on Art’s thoughts about crisis communications planning, please visit the “about/news” button at:

Katherine Heaviside, President of Epoch 5 Public Relations, commented, “Years of working to build respect and loyalty in your marketplace can be lost in a blinding flash when your company, your products or your services are attacked online. Social media has become the Wild West of communications, an undisciplined and even dangerous frontier. Competitors, ex-employees and disgruntled clients or customers can trash your reputation with user-generated content.”

Here are some basics to remember when a black swan threatens your organization:

  1. Have a short and simple social media policy.
  2. Use social media tools to track what is being said on the Internet.
  3. Tailor the social media portion of your crisis plans to your organization.
  4. Establish guidelines for who will respond to specific types of crises.
  5. Develop a stakeholder map to both identify your stakeholders and define their critical interests and concerns.

For information about crisis communications management, contact Katherine at Epoch 5 Public relations

Special thanks to our generous sponsor Sterling National Bank.

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Sponsor Spotlight: Meet Sterling National Bank

Managing a successful business in today’s competitive environment can be tough. When you own a business your choice of banks is a vital decision that needs careful deliberation. Fundamentally your bank should be more than just a place to store your finances; it should make your business operations easier and your financial situation simpler to manage. In addition, your bank should be able to offer essential information, guidance and advice on all manner of business problems.

Successfully owning and operating a business in today’s marketplace hinges on being able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. And key to being able to take advantage of such opportunities is the ability to move quickly. With more than a three decades of experience the support of a financial intuition, I am fully committed to meeting the financial needs of businesses, I am ready, willing and able to lend to qualified borrowers.

There are those who claim that their banks’ strength is tied to the fact that the people handling your accounts are career bankers. You can rely on the fact that the strength of our team comes from our experience as career business people who understand banking. And, as such, we can provide a unique and effective perspective on ways to truly create a relationship that will allow you to take advantage of the resources of a financial institution.

Bottom line is that you need a good banker and, not just any banker. You need a banker that understands business, and is willing to explore and create opportunities for you and your business. You need a banker that is able to grasp the big picture, a banker that will listen and work hard to find a way to do business with you, as opposed to getting hung up on the potential reasons not to.

Should you believe as I do that your banker should be vested in your success then let’s talk.

Steven M. Krauser
SVP, Managing Director Commercial Banking
290 Broad Hollow Road, Suite 300E, Melville, NY 11747
631-465-0322 DIRECT
631-465-0330 FAX
516-446-4144 CELL

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Discovery Find: Podcast “Digital Assassination”

If you own or manage a business or brand, then this week’s Discovery Find is one to pay attention to. The Find is a Podcast from IABC’s CW Radio entitled “Digital Assassination”.

Here is the description:
“In this episode of CW Radio, Richard Torrenzano, CEO of The Torrenzano Group and co-author of Digital Assassination: Protecting Your Reputation, Brand or Business Against Online Attacks, talks with Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson about online reputation attacks, or what he refers to as “digital assassination.” Torrenzano discusses how technology has changed the way companies’ reputations are threatened, and why threats today need to be managed differently than in the past.”

To access this Podcast, visit and login with your IABC member account credentials.

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Sponsor Spotlight: Let us help you spend time with your family – Whole Foods Market

At Whole Foods Market, everything we do is driven by our core values. We live by our standards to provide our shoppers with the highest quality natural and organic products available, and we fully believe in serving and supporting our local communities. When you visit our stores, you know you’re being treated to the highest level of service available. We take care and pride in all of our products, which we back by third party verification for organic integrity, animal welfare and seafood sustainability, just to name a few. When you visit our skilled butchers, they’re there to make sure you get the exact cut you need, to your precise specifications. Our commitment to our shoppers is why every holiday season, we introduce our holiday ordering menu to help provide you with the best holiday experience.

Being busy in your professional lives means you’re often spending more time addressing business needs and taking care of your clients. With free time often being an afterthought, we are here for you to assist with creating the perfect holiday meal without any added stress. Don’t worry, we’re here for you! Let us cater your Thanksgiving meal this year. With mouthwatering options like maple bourbon mashed potatoes, creamed spinach with roasted garlic, and an oven-ready turkey option that comes cleaned, herb-buttered and ready for you to toss in the oven without a care, let us be the easiest decision you make this year. Our menu offers a large array of customizable dinner options so you can pick and choose your favorites, or opt for the full meal. Our complete dinner for 4 is at a great low price of only $59.99! All of this is backed by the quality standards you know and trust. You and your family can eat assured that our products do not contain artificial colors and flavors, and our meats and poultry are fed a vegetarian diet with no added hormones or antibiotics.

So save that precious time to spend with your family and let us do the cooking, you can take the credit.

You can order online starting November 1st at, or pick up a holiday menu at our stores and visit our in-house holiday order table, and we’ll place the order for you.

For more information, please visit our website at

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Sponsor Spotlight: Meet LearningRX

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” — A. Einstein

What if there were a little bit of Einstein in all of us? Even better, wouldn’t you like to know how to unlock that Einstein in your child—that bit of genius and intelligence that you know is hidden away? Too often, the expression of great intelligence, ability, and potential is simply locked up behind an unseen learning barrier. You know there is something brilliant inside your child…you just don’t see it work its way into everyday performance. The answer is to completely remove the barriers to successful learning.

At LearningRx we help kids and adults who feel held back in school, work or life, especially in areas such as reading, remembering, paying attention, thinking quickly, solving problems and more.  We help by improving—often dramatically—the brain’s ability to register, process, remember and use incoming information.

Our programs find and fix the weak cognitive skills that are the cause of most struggles with memory, reading, learning and more. In fact, our clients report life changing improvements in the way their brains perform in every area of life.

Our clients include:
• Struggling students
• Career adults who want to perform better on the job
• Special needs children and adults
• Successful students competing for scholarships or college placement
• Professional and weekend athletes looking to think faster on their feet
• Senior adults who want strong mental skills as they age
• Victims of strokes or traumatic brain injuries

If you or someone you love is serious about improving how the brain thinks, learns, reads, remembers, reasons and even pays attention, we can help.

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Hashtags: Join in the Conversation

You’ve probably seen them, or have at least heard of them, but you may not be sure what they do or how they work: HASHTAGS.

What are hashtags? They are those pound signs you see in front of words or phrases on social media sites such as #bestdayever or #SuperBowl. They started on Twitter, and now they are everywhere including Facebook, Instagram and Google+. You likely have seen them on TV shows or ads where they have been incorporated into marketing campaigns in order to get people talking about the show or ad on social media.

They may annoy the heck out of you if you are friends with that person that hashtags their entire day. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake recently tackled this issue:

But if you are the savvy social media businessperson that we know you are, then you know hashtags are a great way to connect people to your brand and you’re ready to put those hashtags to use in a productive way. How? Join in the conversation. Or start a conversation of your own.

Hashtags allow social media users to see who is talking about a specific topic. This topic may be as casual as pumpkin lattes in the fall or as newsworthy as the presidential election. The topics you will want to join conversations about will depend on your business and your target market. If you are marketing an apple orchard in Upstate NY, you might be interested in conversations featuring hashtags such as #ILoveNY or #fall or #applepicking. Or you could add a hashtag to a post of your own, inviting people who are interested in your topic to find, and join, the conversation: The weather is beautiful today and the #applepicking is at its wonderful peak!

Twitter gives you some help in identifying trending topics as well. When you login to Twitter, on the left-hand side is a box titled “Trends”. These are topics that are hot on Twitter and that you may consider joining in the conversation about.

Hashtags are a very useful tool for connecting with people (and businesses) that are talking about and interested in a common topic. Use this to your advantage and get your business involved in conversations relevant to what your business does and what your target market cares about.

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