Event Recap: Navigating the Legal Pitfalls of Social Media

If you missed our Oct. 16th Event, Navigating the Legal Pitfalls of Social Media, the IABC-LI Board of Directors wanted to bring some highlights to you.

Christine Ippolito, SPHR, Terese Arenth, Esq., and Wendy Goldstein, MPA, are masters of their craft and provided attendees and guests with information to arm them in the ever-changing world of social media.


“72% of adults 18 years of age or older participate in social media according to the Pew Research Center. Businesses should be aware that their employees, customers and potential customers are on social media. All businesses should have policies in place to leverage the power of social media and protect their reputation in their online presence,” ¬ Christine Ippolito, SPHR, Founding Principal of Compass Workforce Solutions, LLC.

Click here to download Christine Ippolito’s presentation.

“Using social media platforms, advertisers can now connect with consumers on a real-time basis and promote their products through more innovative, interactive sweepstakes and contests. Advertisers must be cautious, however, and bear in mind that online advertising is subject to the same state and federal laws and regulations that apply to traditional media and promotions, in addition to any terms and conditions or promotion guidelines that the social media platform may have,” – Terese Arenth, Esq., Partner at Moritt, Hock & Hamroff.

Click here to download Terese Arenth’s presentation.
Click here to download Terese Arenth’s handout.

“The creation of a social media policy for your company or organization can be a daunting goal, but it is essential today that businesses have such a policy in place to guide employees in appropriate professional behavior in the online world, and there are many terrific resources available to people preparing to draft such policies,” – Wendy L. Goldstein, MPA, of WLG Communication.

Click here to download Wendy Goldstein’s presentation.

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Discovery Find: Podcast “How Story Structure Shifts Beliefs and Behavior”

If presentations are part of your work role, then this week’s Discovery Find is for you! The Find is a Podcast from IABC’s CW Radio entitled “How Story Structure Shifts Beliefs and Behavior”.

Here is the description:
“In this episode of CW Radio, Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte Design and author of the book Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences, discusses the benefits of oral communication. Duarte shares the elements and structure of an engaging presentation, and explains the benefits of modeling presentations after stories. She also explores why audiences expect more of presenters today than they did in the past.”

To access this Podcast, visit and login with your IABC member account credentials.

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Discovery Find: Research Report “Breaking Down the Silos”

This week’s Discovery Find is an excellent resource for communications professionals. The Find is a Research Report by IABC/Ottawa, Ipsos Reid, and the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs entitled “Breaking Down the Silos”.

Here is the description:
“This report from IABC/Ottawa, Ipsos Reid, and the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs details the findings of a day-long ideation session of more than 40 communication professionals discussing the past, present and future of the communication profession. Written by Jennifer Birch and Mike Colledge, “Breaking Down the Silos” highlights the evolution of the industry and the changing role of the communication professional, with particular attention paid to social media and its impact on the profession.”

To access this Research Report, visit and login with your IABC member account credentials.

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Event Recap: Social Media Management Tools That Make Your Job Easier

Thanks to everyone who came out this week for social media management panel with Kevin S. Ryan and Craig Yaris.

We had a lively discussion of social marketing for business, with a focus on the tools needed to efficiently and effectively manage and track your social marketing efforts –from the development of an editorial calendar to the use of Hootsuite and to execute and monitor results.

Thanks to Craig and Kevin for sharing their knowledge and experience, and for making it entertaining as well as informative. For those who want to connect, we’ll repeat their bios and contact information below.

We also thank them for providing copies of their presentation and handout.

Social Media Management Tools and Analytics
Social Media Action Plan

Kevin S. Ryan is a social marketing consultant focused on the who, what and where of customer engagement. He is the founder of KSRyan Group, a social media consultancy, and a frequent speaker on using social media for business and professional growth. Previously, he was Vice President of Social Media at Barnes & Noble, and an editor at New York Newsday and The New York Times. He can be found on Twitter (@kevinsryan), LinkedIn (, and at

Craig Yaris, founder of Social Ribbit, works will small businesses on their social media journey. Craig has presented to organizations such as the National Association of Women, Small Business Development Corp., and SCORE Long Island. He is also a Continuing Education Lecturer at Hofstra University where he teaches courses in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus. Craig is a founding board member and current President of the Social Media Club of Long Island. He can be reached on Twitter (@CraigEYaris), Facebook (, and on the web at

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Discovery Find: Podcast “Asking Strategic Questions”

This week’s Discovery Find is a great one for all communications professionals. We dug up a really useful Podcast from IABC’s CW Radio titled “Asking Strategic Questions”.

Here is the description:
“In this episode of CW Radio, Caroline Kealey, founder and principal of Ingenium Communications and developer of the Results Map, a step-by-step process for designing strategic communication plans, talks with Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson about the importance of communicators developing as strategic advisors. Caroline explains the role of questions in strategic communication and the common characteristics that powerful questions share.”

Caroline discusses how asking the right questions can move you from a tactical role to a strategic role, generate a focus for your skills, and develop collaborative relationships with clients.

To access this Podcast, visit and login with your IABC member account credentials.

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Welcome Wendy Goldstein to IABC-LI

Wendy L. Goldstein, founder of WLG Communication, is a career communications professional with a deep interest in the use of words and imagery to move people to action. Using a combination of traditional marketing and public relations techniques and today’s vital integrated marketing and social media tools, Wendy ensures that clients get powerful messages in front of their ideal target audiences.

Prior to launching WLG Communication, Wendy held leadership positions with some of Long Island’s most prestigious non-profits. She served as Director of Public Relations, Marketing & Advertising at Winthrop-University Hospital (2006-2012), Associate Director of Public Relations for the C.W. Post & Regional campuses of Long Island University (2000-2006), and Public Information Officer, Writer and Editor for the world renowned Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory basic biomedical research and educational institution (1994-2000).

More recently, as Director of Business Development and marketing and public relations specialist at Lorraine Gregory Corp., Ms. Goldstein successfully rebranded the company and launched a full service marketing and public relations division.

Between 2009 and 2011, while pursuing her graduate degree, Wendy researched and published a respected Master’s Thesis on “Use of Social Media in Healthcare Administration,” which positioned her to plan and launch Winthrop-University Hospital’s inaugural, award winning, social media campaign.

Wendy was named “One to Watch” in Business Development by Long Island Business News in November 2012 and her work has won many awards including Apex Awards for Publication Excellence, the coveted ARC Award for Best Annual Report and Fair Media Council’s FOLIO Award for Best Use of Social Media by a Hospital. In addition, she is a respected speaker on the topics of professional use of social media and integrated marketing.

Wendy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Communications/Public Relations and Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Non-profit Management, both from Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus.

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Discovery Find: Podcast “New Roles for PR Professionals”

This week’s Discovery Find is a good one for anyone involved in PR. We have identified a valuable Podcast from IABC’s CW Radio titled “New Roles for PR Professionals”.

Here is the description:
“In this episode of CW Radio, Deirdre Breakenridge, CEO of Pure Performance Communications, talks with Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson about the changing PR industry and the new role for PR professionals. Breakenridge discusses the three skills she thinks are most important for today’s PR professionals and offers tips for incorporating these skills into your day-to-day activities without feeling overwhelmed.”

This is an excellent piece for employers, young PR professionals, and seasoned PR professionals alike. Technology has made a huge impact on the PR industry, and this Podcast gives real examples of how these changes are effecting the day-to-day lives of PR professionals.

To access this Podcast, visit and login with your member account credentials.

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Member Spotlight: Leila Zogby

Leila Zogby realized she wanted to be a writer in third grade. “I wrote a little story about a bird and the teacher made a big fuss about it,” she recalls. “I realized then that I could make people happy by doing something that was completely natural for me, and I was hooked,” says Leila, who has headed up Leila Zogby Business Writer, Inc., since 1984.

After experiencing firsthand the power of the press in uncovering the Watergate scandal in the 1970s, Leila channeled her writing energies into journalism, receiving a degree from New York University. This was followed by work as a reporter and editor for The Daily Bond Buyer, as public information officer for New York State’s multi-family mortgage lending agency, and as director of editorial services for the Young Presidents’ Organization.

Today Leila helps corporations and large organizations to develop key messages and then crafts them into clear, concise language for corporate communications, investor relations, employee communications, public relations and marketing. Specialties include thought leadership, branded content and ghostwriting for executives.

IABC has been part of Leila’s professional life for more than 30 years. A member of both the New York and Long Island chapters, Leila was president of IABC/LI in 1997-98 and has served in various capacities on the regional and international level.
“The rewards of membership in a professional organization are many, but I count among the most important the relationships I have developed over the years with many talented colleagues. You just can’t put a price on that,” she says.

And what about her childhood ambition to write her own stories? “I find the business world fascinating,” she says. “When the work of my clients is so interesting, why would I want to write fiction?”

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We’ve made the IABC-LI experience even better. See how…

You won’t want to miss our exciting roster of fall events. Whether you’re currently an IABC-LI member, or have never heard of us (or haven’t been to a meeting in a while), see what the buzz is all about!

Aug 21 — Free webinar: Google+ Walkthrough: Insider tips that work
1:00pm – 2:00pm
There are more than 400 million people using Google+. Find out if you should be there too. Wondering what it can do for your business, or how you can get more out of your listing on Google Maps? This easy walkthrough will have you networking and “hanging out” like a pro on Google+, and help you make your business mark on Google Places. Learn more or register now.

Sept 18 —  Social Media Management Tools That Make Your Job Easier
8:00am – 10:00am
Sponsored by Hofstra University Continuing Education, this must-attend workshop – which will be held on the beautiful Hofstra campus – will help your business get better results through your social media efforts while spending less time (and frustration) on those efforts.  You’ll also learn new ways to use analytics so you’ll know for a fact what is working – and what isn’t. Whether you’re a social media novice or a pro, don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event! Learn more or  register now.

Oct 16 — Social Media Policies and Compliance
Are you and your employees using social media in your organization? Then you need to have a social media policy. Learn the key elements of a social media policy, and the legal consequences of not having one. Learn more or register now.

Nov 20 — Four Critical Communications Tips To Tame A “Black Swan”
With news and rumors racing across the globe at the speed of light, every organization needs a plan in place for when things go wrong. Don’t wait until a potential disaster strikes;  learn these four tips and you’ll be ready to respond in an instant. Learn more or register now.

IABC-LI Is About You and Your Organization…
IABC-LI is a smart investment in your professional development, and a vital professional association for communicators in every field of business.

As we begin a new phase of IABC-LI, we want to continue to hear what you would like to get out of this organization. Let’s shape the future of IABC-LI together.

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Together, we can build an IABC-LI that we can all contribute to, and that will also continue to give back to us.

5 Exciting New Member Benefits
The IABC-LI board is now implementing many of the things you asked for in previous communications. We will continue to test and measure results of what’s been implemented with the goal of always improving the IABC-LI experience.

As a member, you’ll now enjoy:

  1. Easier access to free communication tools, templates, research, how-to guides and whitepapers
  2. Social media support to amplify your message and spread the word (ask us for help)
  3. A new and improved IABC-LI website and blog
  4. Tools and information to help you get IABC-LI buy-in from your boss (They’ll be happy to allow you the time to attend meetings once they find out all you can learn from the organization!)
  5. Member spotlights and blog features for increased visibility for you and your organization in the local community

Questions on any of these new benefits? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

We Look Forward to Your Feedback
I am now accountable for making sure all members get value from the group. Towards that end I will be calling or meeting with as many members as possible over the next year to make sure that you are getting what YOU want from the experience.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and suggest new ideas. Once again, here’s our survey, aimed to help shape the future of the IABC-LI:

Also, feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions by emailing me at Your feedback is very important, and your questions will be kept confidential.

Thanks for being part of the IABC-LI family. And if you’re not already a member, we hope you join us soon! Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting on Wednesday, Sept 18 at 8:00am at Hofstra University.

All the best!

Don’t forget to invite a Guest to the Next Meeting!

Here are the characteristics of people IABC-LI is looking for to join us:

  • Lifelong learner
  • Loves marketing/communications
  • Likes to share
  • A good connector/networker
  • Grateful
  • Friendly

The following links on our website may be helpful to you:

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Webinar: Google+ Walkthrough: Insider Tips That Work

What is it that you can not not do?
You can now stop compromising, looking for the next best thing to make you money, and actually profit (very well, might I add) from your passion and content.
Google’s move to Semantic Search and to a more personalized web allows your audience to find you and pay you for your solutions. You don’t even need a website for it.

Welcome to Google+.
In this Hangout, Yifat Cohen discusses the areas of Google+ that allow you to turn your passion into a real income.

Yifat begins by explaining what Google+ is, and what it isn’t. She then touches on how the web has changed and the disappearance of Page one on Google that has been replaced with Google Now and valuable content – your content.

Yifat discusses how engagement on Google+, with the right audience, can rank you higher on Search, build your authority and how you can use Hangouts to deepen those relationships into paying clients and raving fans.

With the launch of Helpouts, Yifat demonstrates how you can charge for your services without having a merchant account, a website or an eCommerce engine.

Finally, Yifat touches on the future of TV and the significance of building your audience now (she mentions the 6-12 months window you have to capture your market online). She encourages you to master Hangouts and use them to build real relationships that will allow you to monetize your passion.

She finishes with the words of Gary Vaynerchuk – What do you want to be doing every day for the rest of your life? Do that!

As resources to move you forward in turning you into the author of your content and helping you become The Influencer, Yifat recommends taking Hangout Heroes which, together with her bonus, allow you to build your audience, your followers and get started with Hangouts.

You can access it here –

Yifat offers group and private coaching as well as in-depth programs to master Google+, YouTube, Communities, Hangouts, Google+Local and relationship-management.

You can contact Yifat personally on Google+, or send her an email through her website:

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